The rainy season is a joy to some and a headache to others. Some love the pitter-patter on their window while some shudder at the thought of getting feet wet. To school, college, work, we all have somewhere to be. The damp weather and unhygienic conditions are not the best for our feet. Our socks dampen which may lead to problems like foot fungus and bacterial infections. Since we cannot t avoid going out, the least we can do is take care of our feet. Here are some useful tips to treat your feet the way they should be treated...

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This transparent dispenser is the first of its kind in India, designed to organize and stack your socks in a sleek, compact way. You can install it in or near your shoe cabinet or in your dressing area near cupboards.The Supersox Dispenser holds 6 pairs of high quality combed cotton socks in it.These 6 pairs are designed for the 6-day work week and are labeled with each day of the week i.e. Monday thro Saturday.

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Usually we tend to disregard what a pair of socks can do to our mood. As we grow up and get wiser, our clothing tends to get more subdued and plain. The shirt, suit and trousers begin to exude a sense of conformity, maturity and poise. Our shoes say a lot about our personality too. The materials, colors and style about each piece of clothing speaks volumes about how we’re placed in society.  Getting older, doesn’t mean you need get boring, does it? We forget that a little colour and a happy print on a comfortable pair of socks can...

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