Supersox was incepted and founded in August 2012 at Super Knit Industries - India’s preeminent manufacturers of premium and luxury socks since May 1999. Super Knit Industries are socks suppliers for popular and renowned international brands in several parts of Europe and the Middle East. The Super Knit products are well known for superior quality, variety and durability, all around the world. The Supersox brand was established with a strong understanding of the global socks industry and a vision to offer the widest range of the best quality socks to Indian consumers of all ages. Supersox is thus, a young brand with a vibrant personality that brings socks of superb quality and international styles to the Indian consumers.

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Supersox is the only sock brand that has the widest range of products of superior quality and innovative designs for men, women and children all age groups. The design teams at Supersox create several unique designs to cater to the diverse demand for socks as per current trends, seasons and the consumer lifecycle.




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