Happy feet 101: Here’s how you should take care of your feet this monsoon

Happy feet 101: Here’s how you should take care of your feet this monsoon

The rainy season is a joy to some and a headache to others. Some love the pitter-patter on their window while some shudder at the thought of getting feet wet. To school, college, work, we all have somewhere to be. The damp weather and unhygienic conditions are not the best for our feet. Our socks dampen which may lead to problems like foot fungus and bacterial infections. Since we cannot t avoid going out, the least we can do is take care of our feet. Here are some useful tips to treat your feet the way they should be treated this rainy season:

  • Some times when you leave for work, it's not raining and the minute you’re too far to run back home, it starts pouring. In such situations, you should make sure you​don’t wear damp socks for too long​. Not only it is uncomfortable but it also leads to health hazards like cold, fever, infections, etc.
  • Jumping in puddles can be fun, sure. But it takes a toll on our feet. Puddles have murky water which aggregates skin infections. So from wherever you come to wherever you go, ​washing your feet​ is a must.
  • Maintaining your toenails ​is essential as mud can easily accumulate under the toenails. Accumulation under the toenails leads to fungal infections.
  • Get your cracked heel treated​. Cracked heels are open wounds and a breeding zone for some serious skin infections.
  • Make sure you use ​anti-fungal creams and powders​ at least once a day.
  • As much as we love to pamper our selves with a good session of a pedicure, at all costs during monsoon we must ​avoid pedicures​. There is a good chance that we might catch some infection through the tools used in a salon. You can never be too careful. If you can have a home pedicure session, then there's nothing like it.
  • Moisturize your feet​ before you sleep.Walking around in water kills the gleam on your skin. So to retain that, moisturizing is very important.
  • We all want to flaunt our newest pair of boots/shoes that we bought on sale. But rains are not ideal for that. Instead, opting for some ​open-footwear is more practical. This way, the water does not accumulate and/or seep, giving our feet some room to breathe and dry.
  • On Sundays when you’re kicking back and have nowhere to be, just​ soak your feet in a bucket of warm water ​for 15-30 mins by adding a mild shampoo or salt to it. This kills the bacteria and keeps infections at bay.
  • Monsoon often leads to smelly feet and nobody likes smelly feet.​Scrub lemon zest and ground coffee ​on your feet to get rid of the smell.
  • If you absolutely have to wear closed shoes and they start smelling, then ​sprinkle some baking powder​. It neutralizes the smell and kills the bacteria.
  • Massage your feet with essential oils in order to retain the skin oils and relax your feet.
  • If you absolutely have to wear shoes, then you should wear ​antimicrobial socks​. These socks dry up quickly and don’t leave a foul stench.


Feet are the most used yet the most neglected part of our body. So from now on, you’ll know how to treat your feet the way you treat your face!


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