Supersox Halloween Crew length Compact Combed Cotton Unisex Socks Pack of 3

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Content - Includes 3 Pairs of Socks | Size: UK 7 to 10 | Gender: Unisex | Crew Length | Combed Cotton |Multicolour                                                                                         


Halloween - Fun socks with vibrant colors, Ghosts, Skulls, and black bats, are perfect for a spooky Halloween night

Halloween socks are made of stretchy and comfortable material, suitable for men, boys & Women, girls' holidays, and daily wear. The beautiful pattern can match your suits, casual wear, and other various outfits. Perfect for a gift.

Halloween Unisex socks are high-quality material and beautiful pattern designs that can be worn in any scenario, such as the comfort of home, to attend friends and neighbors parties, work meetings school, and other public occasions and activities. The stretch and comfort provided by the socks can make you comfortable to wear with various shoes such as leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, etc.

These crew socks are just the perfect length and reach to the calf for a fashionable casual look. Wear these with boots or sneakers, in shorts, jeans, or leggings for a super cute appeal. Enhance your sock and accessory game by changing into different styled socks from day to day with 3 pairs of different socks.

100% Made in India

Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like these fun and festive-themed socks. Adorn with various themed designs, show off these bright and colorful socks in the office, on a date, at a dinner, on a casual outing, or during your exercise regime. Suitable for woman and girls, these socks spread joy and shows off your fun side. With 3 pairs of assorted socks, you can really enhance your sock game and wear a different stylish pair every day of the week.




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