Supersox Real Bamboo Ankle Socks for Men. Premium | Soft | Running | Sports | Gym | Anti Odor | Durable |Combo Pack of 3

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 PRODUCT DETAILS: Includes 3 Pairs of Socks | Size: UK 7 to 10 | Gender: Male | Ankle Length |Solid Colour | Relaxed Fit | Hand Wash Only | 100% Made in India in our own manufacturing facility | Supersox is India's Largest Socks Brand with presence in 15,000+ Retail stores across India.

MADE FROM REAL BAMBOO: These socks are made from a proprietary blend of raw materials using the finest quality & 100% organically grown natural bamboo fibre. Giving you maximum comfort and softness with the use of only skin-friendly materials.

SUSTAINABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: Bamboo is a fantastic organic material. It grows well in marginal soil and doesn't need irrigation or fertilizer or pesticides to grow. Like bamboo serves to benefit the soil in which it grows, wear these socks to benefit planet Earth for a sustainable future.

ULTRA SOFT: The silk-like softness of Bamboo fibres is softer than cotton or any other natural or synthetic fibre. Spandex blended with Bamboo makes these socks the best for softness & comfort. Once you experience the ultra-soft natural touch of these Bamboo socks, you probably won’t go back to any other socks.

EXTRA CUSHIONING: These socks come with enhanced cushioning at the bottom to give more comfort & support to your feet during running, gym or other athletic activities. The cushion of these bamboo socks reduces friction in your shoes, reduces the risk of blister formation, improves impact protection and keeps you comfortable all day.

MOISTURE ABSORBENT & ANTI-ODOUR: The fibres in Bamboo are hollow, allowing them to absorb 4x more moisture than cotton. You'll experience a notable boost in dryness and comfort with these bamboo socks. Bamboo fibre's naturally occurring anti-microbial bio-agent ‘bamboo kun’ & its moisture absorbent properties prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria. As a result, while wearing these socks, your feet are going to be smell-free and fresh.

GOOD FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Bamboo fibres don't contain any chemicals & their naturally occurring non-allergenic properties come as a great relief for people who have any sort of skin allergy or irritation

THERMAL CONTROL: Bamboo fibres are thermo-regulating & help to maintain a regular temperature. These socks will keep your feet warm in winter & cool in summer

THE PERFECT GIFT: If you are looking for a gift that is eco-friendly, we have got you covered! Made with the finest bamboo yarn and packed in a unique tube gift box, these ultra-soft socks are the perfect gifting choice for any occasion. A treat for the feet as well as the planet. Let's pass on this baton of sustainability and make a difference, one sock at a time!



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